A Look At Welcome to Plathville Star Kim Plath’s Weight Loss

A Look At Welcome to Plathville Star Kim Plath’s Weight Loss #Plathville #Star #Kim #Plaths #Weight #Loss Welcome to Lopoid

After Welcome to Plathville’s Kim Plath showed off her makeover, fans are looking back on her weight loss transformation over the last few seasons.

Kim Plath may be going through a mid-life crisis on Welcome to Plathville, but she’s also gone through a significant body transformation. Before, Kim preached dressing modestly, but now she is sporting tank tops and mini-skirts. Fans want to know just how much she has changed and why.

Fans have not given Kim the warmest reception, especially after she came across as controlling and manipulative. After shunning the outside world and attending Florida State University, Kim chose to cover herself up and insisted her daughters did the same. For years, Kim oppressed herself and her family in hopes of gaining total control, but fans were stunned when Welcome to Plathville season 4 aired as the mother was showing quite a lot more skin. From a dowdy stay-at-home wife to wanting to be more attractive, Kim is really breaking out of her box.


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It has been hard to ignore Kim’s total makeover. Now, the former dancer is happy to wear a face full of makeup with a tiny mini skirt that she used to shun her daughter, Moriah Plath, from wearing. It was apparent that Kim also seemed much more comfortable in her own skin than ever before. Fans saw proof of this thanks to her recent weight loss. Kim has decided to flaunt her new body and to finally put herself first after years of being a wife and a mom. Kim’s choice to put herself first has caused her to move out of her shared home with husband Barry Plath and into one of their rentals. It seems the TLC star is looking into changing her body and mind during her life’s renaissance.


Kim also wants to become more independent as she shared with viewers that she decided to open the Grady Central Dance studio. Kim gushed about her new studio, noting she had always wanted an outlet like this where she could give adult ballet classes. It is obvious that Kim has found a new purpose, and she isn’t willing to give up her newfound freedom. Kim has committed to a total mind and body transformation, which has pushed her to stand up for what she really wants out of life.

While her husband Barry from Welcome to Plathville may feel that his wife has gone a bit mad, Kim is following her dream and living her best life. Even if fans dislike Kim, it is difficult not to give the reality star her dues as she has accomplished so much. There is no doubt that Kim will continue to work on her body transformation and make the changes necessary to feel good about herself.

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