Cardano Joins The Linux Foundation as the First Non-Profit Gold Member

Cardano Joins The Linux Foundation as the First Non-Profit Gold Member #Cardano #Joins #Linux #Foundation #NonProfit #Gold #Member Welcome to Lopoid

Cardano Joins The Linux Foundation as the First Non-Profit Gold Member

On Wednesday, June 22, the Cardano Foundation announced that it has joined The Linux Foundation as the first non-profit Gold member. The announcement came during an open source summit in Austria.

We are excited to welcome the Cardano Foundation as a Linux Foundation Gold Member. Welcome to our global #opensource community @Cardano! #Cardano #Blockchain #OSSummit

— The Linux Foundation (@linuxfoundation) June 22, 2022

This is a great opportunity for the Cardano Foundation to further strengthen its commitment to the open-source community. With this partnership, the Cardano Foundation will also continue “contributing to the positive advancement of blockchain as a world-changing technology.”

While commenting at the event, Cardano Foundation Chief Open Source Officer Dirk Hohndel said:

“Open source is about communities. It’s about bringing together people from different companies, countries, and backgrounds. The Cardano Foundation is focused on driving the adoption of blockchain technology and we strongly believe that building a vibrant open source community around our technology is a key part to achieving that goal. The Linux Foundation, with its outstanding track record as facilitator of collaboration around interesting open source technology, is a perfect place for us to be.”

The Linux Foundation’s Executive Director, Jim Zemlin also acknowledged their partnership with the Cardano Foundation. Zemlin further added that Cardano presents a natural path for the adoption of blockchain technologies.

The Linux Foundation Executive Director also added:  “With Dirk leading Cardano’s open-source ecosystem and the strong community already supporting this work, we’re excited to bring to bear our resources to build together into the future.”

Key Cardano Events to Watch For

Cardano Foundation founder Charles Hoskinson has been recently very active in taking the community ahead. Ahead today, June 23, Hoskinson shall appear before the US House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture, Subcommittee on Commodity Exchanges, Energy, and Credit.

The Cardano founder will provide testimony responding to queries from members of the committee regarding the hearing, “The Future of Digital Asset Regulation”.

At the same time, IOG Chief scientist Aggelos Kiayias will be speaking at the IEEE conference. Kiayias will speak on the subject of Dependable & Secure Computing.

Cardano and its parent firm Input-Output Group (IOG) have also been working on Web 3 innovation simultaneously. IOG is currently working on its full node implementation of the Daedalus wallet. Furthermore, it’s working on Lace, a one-stop solution for all blockchain operations to make the wallet user experience simpler.


Cardano Joins The Linux Foundation as the First Non-Profit Gold Member

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