Crazy Viral Video Shows A Russian Jet Firing Rockets In Ukraine

Crazy Viral Video Shows A Russian Jet Firing Rockets In Ukraine #Crazy #Viral #Video #Shows #Russian #Jet #Firing #Rockets #Ukraine Welcome to Lopoid

Another unreal video from the war in Ukraine has hit the internet.

In a viral video tweeted by Rob Lee, a Russian jet ripped through the sky and fired rockets at Ukrainian targets in the Mikolaiv-Kherson. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

You can watch the unreal video below.

Russian Su-25 aircraft firing rockets on the Mikolaiv-Kherson front. 3/https://t.co/STtjYMusP5 pic.twitter.com/Dk4l8brdIA

— Rob Lee (@RALee85) June 22, 2022

Once again, it’s a new day and we have another absolutely unreal video from the war that is raging over in Ukraine. At this point, it’d be surprising if we didn’t get a new video.

The combat footage has been nothing short of stunning, and I don’t say that in a good way. I say that to reflect the fact we’ve never seen this many war videos on social media.

Unreal Video Shows A Big Gun Battle In Ukraine https://t.co/8m5EREi0Iw

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) June 22, 2022

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever even seen a video of a Russian jet firing on a target outside of maybe some old footage in Syria.

It also goes to show that the war in Ukraine is far from over, and the fighting continues to be absolutely brutal. It’s a tragic situation.

War Video Shows Unbelievable Attack In Ukraine https://t.co/KZJXVPcdZw

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) June 20, 2022

Make sure to keep checking back for the latest war videos from Ukraine as we have them.

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