Dave Portnoy Calling Roger Goodell ‘Liar’ Is Going Viral

Dave Portnoy Calling Roger Goodell ‘Liar’ Is Going Viral #Dave #Portnoy #Calling #Roger #Goodell #Liar #Viral Welcome to Lopoid

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell testifying at a House of Representatives Oversight Committee hearing on toxic workplace allegations made against the Washington Commanders turned quite interesting. 

Representive Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) decided to ask Goodell his opinions on the First Amendment. 

In his questioning, Jordan asked why Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy was banned from attending NFL games. 

Goodell deferred and stated he was not aware of why the controversial businessman has been persona non grata at league events. 

In a released statement online, the Barstool Sports founder posted, “Dave Portnoy, who is currently rehabbing a lifelong shoulder injury, has: been arrested at NFL HQ for protesting Tom Brady’s suspension, organized Clowngate with 70,000 towels at Gillette, ran Mike Kensil out of Super Bowl media day, been kicked out of Super Bowl Media Day, won a $250,000 COVID auction to watch a game with Goodell but was then denied, and been literally dragged out of the Super Bowl for attending the game. And we’re supposed to believe that Roger Goodell has never heard of Dave Portnoy? Hogwash.”

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