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Geyser-like leak plagues Amarillo apartment complex

Geyser-like leak plagues Amarillo apartment complex #Geyserlike #leak #plagues #Amarillo #apartment #complex Welcome to Lopoid

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – With little to no rain in the Amarillo area and now that it’s officially summer, we need the water resource.

Video was sent to NewsChannel 10 by a concerned viewer of the Arden Ridge Apartments in south Amarillo.

It shows a geyser of water coming out of a sprinkler and spraying the pavement.

The waste of water is happening after 10:00 p.m., when the system turns on in that part of the complex.

NewsChannel 10 spoke with the apartment manager and she said the landscaper had previously been made aware of the situation and that it had been repaired.

She was notified that the video was taken last night of the water waste and she was surprised.

The manager said she will take this up with the landscaper again to repair the sprinkler. Until then, we will wait on an update.

If you see anything non-residential that appears to be a waste of water, send out your pictures or video. We may use it on NewsChannel 10 “Water Wasters Wednesday.”

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