JAFO Ups The Ante With Launch Of Token; Benefits Excite Community

JAFO Ups The Ante With Launch Of Token; Benefits Excite Community #JAFO #Ups #Ante #Launch #Token #Benefits #Excite #Community Welcome to Lopoid

Trading can be confusing and time consuming. With JAFO you will not have to deal with either. JAFO is a club reward token designed to create a lower risk return with hands off effort. It is a trading club token used for tracking holders. Holders benefit by holding the token and gaining rewards of any trading profit from an established trading platform monthly, no staking needed. JAFO is lower risk as the TRX from purchasing it is never used in trading and is frozen in a transparent wallet for everyone to see and track.

Holder funds are not traded and only used for freezing and buyback liquidity for exchanges back out of the project if a holder chooses to do so. The price per token is 10 TRX per 1 JAFO. All JAFOs returned however will experience a small fee. With a return rate of 8 TRX per 1 JAFO as a 2 TRX fee will be experienced, and that fee will add to the trading platform to benefit current holders with a larger trading allocation. All JAFOs returned will be burnt and taken out of circulation, making for a deflationary token. The tokens maximum supply is 50 million with it only released with purchases. There are no giveaways or free drops, thus giving each token a value it deserves.

The staking rewards from the frozen amount will also be used to fund the trading account for growth. JAFO is not a trading bot and will be using different strategies, some mentioned below to create a positive gain in the trading markets. JAFO founder said it was formed out of the need to be transparent and truthful. With some projects promising the moon. Promising unattainable returns while keeping the trades or transactions completely hidden. Exiting without investments returned or a way to be returned. These are just some examples of what JAFO aims to fix. Part of the way they accomplish this by publishing the wallet address holding the liquidity and a monthly spreadsheet of all trades performed will be shown, gains and losses which is updated daily and weekly with current results. Their Telegram channel also has weekly updates and you can converse with the project there as well.

The creation of the fund was a TD Ameritrade/Charles Schwab account. The starting amount was $10,000 USD with a goal to grow this smaller account into something much larger, but with realistic expectations. The token is not on an exchange and currently there are no plans on doing so. Keeping JAFO holders in a more exclusive club environment. There will be a variety of trades that will happen for the JAFO holders. They commonly use Option Scalping and a wheel strategy. The Wheel Strategy is a systematic way to sell option cash-secured puts and covered calls as part of a long-term trading methodology. In essence, you keep selling options on stocks that you are bullish on, to generate monthly income. Basically, you repeatedly sell cash-secured puts (CSP) to collect option premium. These are not the only strategies they use but they tend to be the ones focused on. This is to limit risk and gain a good steady passive gain. Some of the trade styles also include normal share purchases, naked calls or puts, and some dividend producing equities.

The fund rewards holders monthly in TRON USDT if there is a positive gain. If the fund has no gain there will be no rewards to share to club members. The break down is as follows. • 25% of gains to pay for taxes • 40% of gains to holders based on token percentage held of circulating supply • 25% of gains to grow the portfolio for future bigger gains • 10% of gains to charity/donations o First donations will be to pay back an exit of investment to CITYUPTAKE holders in TRX ▪ 100% lost payback may not be achievable before moving to next charity o After that is completed, moving forward the 10% will go to TuruAngels charity JAFO’s goals are to have a steady growth while providing the details of it on a fantastic blockchain. They feel that Tron is the chain of the future with its secure reliability, speed and development. The founder of JAFO has been part of TRON since its launch and is excited to have a token on TRON and be a part of the second hackathon.

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