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Judge-lawyer audio tape controversy enters parliament – myRepublica

Judge-lawyer audio tape controversy enters parliament – myRepublica #Judgelawyer #audio #tape #controversy #enters #parliament #myRepublica Welcome to Lopoid

KATHMANDU, June 23: In a meeting of the House of Representatives today, lawmaker Leela Devi Sitaula expressed her concern over an audio tape leaked to the media about the alleged involvement of people in the judiciary in a bribery scandal.

Airing her views in the special hour of the Lower House of the Federal Parliament today, the lawmaker said the recording was sufficient to paint a grim picture of Nepal’s judiciary.  

It may be noted that a few days ago, a tape recording said to be a phone conversation between Kathmandu District Court’s Judge Raj Kumar Koirala and Nepal Bar Association former treasurer advocate Rudra Pokhrel for a bribe deal was leaked to the media. 

The release of the audio tape has already sparked protests from various quarters and it has now entered the House. 

Accusing the people being paid by the state coffers of indulging in financial gains through unethical channels at a time when the nation is suffering from an economic crisis, the lawmaker drew the government’s attention to the issue.  

As she stressed, the entire House whether – irrespective of ruling and opposition parties – should be univocal against such serious issues. “It is needed to warn those trying to cause harm to the nation.” 



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