Juliette, Chloe & Amanda Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

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MTV reality stars Juliette Porter, Chloe Trautman and Amanda Miller unfollow each other on Instagram amidst filming for Siesta Key season 5.

Siesta Key season 5 is gearing up to be just as tumultuous as season 4, as stars Juliette Porter, Chloe Trautman and Amanda Miller have unfollowed each other on Instagram. In early June, cast member Jordana Barnes teased on her Instagram Story that she and Sam Logan had already begun filming for season 5. Not long after, a fan spotted Cara Geswelli and Meghan Bischoff filming in Miami, where fans speculate the show has moved. The most shocking Siesta Key news came when Mike Vazquez shared a video of Juliette and Sam hanging out at Juliette’s JMP The Label party, despite their calamitous breakup during during Siesta Key season 4b. Fans think the cast was likely filming scenes for the upcoming season.


The recent season of the show was heavily focused on Sam and Juliette’s breakup; however, it also narrowed in on how much the cast was growing. Juliette has come a long way from the start of the show. While she’s in a happy relationship with Clark Drum, her passion now lays in her career as a swimsuit designer and brand owner. Chloe found herself through spirituality, and through the process, she also found her soulmate. Meanwhile, Amanda graduated college and is excited about pursuing a career in the film industry. Despite the drama of the season, it concluded with the friends coming together to comfort Madisson Hausberg after her stillbirth.

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Despite the moving ending that brought everyone together, it seems the close friend group is now drifting apart. Something has clearly gone down between the Siesta Key co-stars, as they’ve all unfollowed each other on Instagram, according to @mtv_reality_teaa. The account posted a DM they received from a Siesta Key fan explaining, “Apparently, there’s drama between Chloe and Juliette. They unfollowed each other yesterday.” The fan clarified that Amanda still follows Juliette, but her friend does not follow her back anymore. The social media activity comes just weeks after Chloe revealed on Instagram that Amanda was living with her and her husband, Chris Long, in Miami.

“Aren’t they filming again? Makes sense there’s drama,” one fan pointed out, while others wondered if their fight will play out on the show. Others commented that perhaps Chloe did or said something to upset her friends. While Chloe’s been on her spiritual journey for a few years, some fans are skeptical of how enlightened she really is. In the earlier Siesta Key seasons, Chloe was the one airing out everyone’s dirty laundry and causing problems within her friend group. While she claims that’s not her anymore, her recent behavior on Siesta Key and on social media has fans questioning if she’s changed at all.

There have been countless fights between Siesta Key stars throughout the series, but it seemed like things were finally in a good place for the stars’ friendships. Apparently, that’s not the case. Whatever went down between Juliette, Chloe and Amanda will likely become a significant plotline in Siesta Key season 5. While it will make for good entertainment, hopefully, the cast members will work everything out and whatever happened between the three won’t ruin their friendship for good.

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