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Kenneth City Scandal, Peninsula Inn Sale, TI Pride

Kenneth City Scandal, Peninsula Inn Sale, TI Pride #Kenneth #City #Scandal #Peninsula #Inn #Sale #Pride Welcome to Lopoid

Aqua mailbox with two flamingo heads facing inwards toward one anotherThis week’s letters to the editor.
June Johns

Gay, Openly Republican Mayor Issues Treasure Island’s First Pride Proclamation

Did you know most of us do not care what other peoples sexual preferences are. Can you not qualify this mayor some other way? –Joyce Drew, no city given

Is This What We Have Become? 

Oh boohoo. Someone vandalized a Tr**p flag. If I had to look at the symbol of a tyrant who “inspired” others to defecate on my Capital, attack and kill police officers, while raising a quarter of a billion dollars in a legal fund lie/scam. I probably would have been enraged enough to do it myself. Yes, destroying other people’s property is wrong, but how many would be sympathetic if I put the Nazi flag on my home? The time to support this treasonous dirtbag is long over. Get behind your country, not a felonious thug who abused his position of authority to further his own self-interests. BTW, you might want to actually pay attention to the J6 televised hearings and see why “your leader” needs to go to jail. –Mark Diorio, St Petersburg

Overheard at Gulfport City Council: Complaint-Driven Code Enforcement

1,000% agree. If it’s in the municipal code, it should be enforced. If the code is outdated, modify it. It’s clearly evident that code enforcement isn’t meeting expectations of the community. If expectations aren’t met in my line of work, you’re removed and replaced. It’s time to clean up Gulfport. It’s a cute little place. Well, parts are and parts aren’t. The several-year-long blue-tarped homes, sidewalks that are impassable, using parking lots as campgrounds, beaches as dog parks, and basically having zero pride in one’s property should be a thing of the past. I’m sorry if this is too blunt, but I’m tired of living in the ghetto part of Gulfport. –Lorelei Cox, Gulfport, via Facebook

Don’t Love Last Week’s Cover

After looking at the front page of the latest Gabber (June 16) portraying a protesting man wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” tee shirt and hat with “FU 46”, and carrying a sign in each hand (one promoting Ron Desantis, and one with hand-scrawled pleas to fire three people), I decided I don’t even care what this man’s arguments are. Profanity however disguised has spoken for him already. –Jan Lawlis, South Pasadena

I’ve been here for 22 years and I read The Gabber every week and I’m perfectly happy with an article about Kenneth City but I’m not happy about the cover photo. I’m fine about “DeSantis” and “Save Our Town” but do we have to have a man that says “Let’s Go, Brandon” on the cover? Because that’s kind of hateful and think [The Gabber} is usually positive in their approach to things. So, I would appreciate a more positive cover. Thank you very much and most of what you do I do like, just not this one. Thank you. –Elizabeth Wood, Gulfport, via voicemail

I‘m a Gulfport resident. I’m looking at the cover of your new Gabber and I find it very offensive. Do you realize the man has a hat on and his shirt that says, “Let’s Go, Brandon.” Do you realize what that means? And you’ve got it on the cover of The Gabber? Wow. Big, big mistake. –Anonymous phone call

I am a Kenneth City resident. This picture does not represent all citizens of KC. Most of us have respect for our country and would never disrespect it like this. These people are un-American. They are traitors and definitely don’t represent most of us here in Kenneth City. This is a sickening picture! –Joanne Lee, Kenneth City, via Facebook

Why is this your cover photo? –Leslee Janel Cramer, via Facebook 

Why would you post this as the cover photo [on Facebook]? –Ester Venouziou, Gulfport, via Facebook

Publisher’s Note: Every week, we change our Facebook cover photo to reflect what’s on the cover of our print paper. In light of the ensuing discussion online, moving forward we will label the photo as the cover photo to avoid the perception that our cover photo reflects the opinion of anyone associated with The Gabber Newspaper. 

Kenneth City: A Town in Chaos

Wow! Good job getting the story out about the drama in Kenneth City. Hoping cool heads prevail. –Jonathan Micocci, Gulfport

Gulfport has its problems in some areas but nothing like this. I don’t know of one employee that has ever left, their job with the city because councilmembers purportedly interfered in their jobs. –Margarete Tober, Gulfport, via Facebook

Seriously? You are not the Washington Post. Stop pretending you are. –Monique Dee, via Facebook

How is no one stepping in to help. –Maureen Dolan, via Facebook

Miami Hotelier Buys Peninsula Inn

Looking forward to the new look and change. Hopefully they won’t price themselves out of the market. –Bonnie Bray, Gulfport, via Facebook

That speaks volumes, but don’t gentrify Gulfport and destroy it’s beautiful weirdness. –Tom Wassell, via Facebook

I don’t know… Miami hotelier… cocktail bar… Not sure that is the direction I want to see Gulfport going, but I am willing to approach it with an open mind. I envision $12 cocktails with names I never heard that only appeal to tourists. I hope I am wrong. –Michael Curri, via Facebook

Exciting! –Leslie Gilchrist, via Facebook

Looking forward to the new adventure. –Karen Taylor, via Facebook

Oh no. Please not Pepto-Bismol pink. Please no cotton candy pink. Yes. Yellow. –Frankie Culbertson, via Facebook

Pink. Um. OK I guess. –Margo Rose, via Facebook

Awesomeness! –Olive Davis, via Facebook


In our June 16 issue, The Gabber incorrectly reported St. Pete Beach Mayor Al Johnson’s Open Office would take place on June 20. The event is on June 27. The mayor meets twice monthly on the Mondays, before commission meetings, on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. “I didn’t want anyone to show up and think I stood them up!” the mayor told us. The Gabber apologizes for the error. 

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