Lightyear Makes Toy Story 2’s Buzz/Zurg Storyline Weirder

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Pixar changes Buzz Lightyear’s story in several ways thanks to Lightyear, including making Buzz and Zurg’s Toy Story 2 storyline a lot weirder.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Lightyear!

Pixar makes Toy Story 2’s Buzz and Zurg storylines weirder thanks to Lightyear. The fifth film in the Toy Story universe stars Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear in an in-universe movie that Andy saw in 1995. It was Lightyear that inspired the massively popular Buzz Lightyear action figure that Andy then received for his birthday in the first film. That was just the beginning of Buzz Lightyear’s story in the franchise, but Pixar’s standalone movie for the space ranger complicates what comes before.

The entirety of Lightyear is disconnected from the actual story that unfolds over the four Toy Story movies, but the film’s story does shed light on the property that inspired the popular toy. This includes showing Buzz Lightyear’s first battle with Zurg, the iconic purple-suited villain that was introduced in Toy Story 2. Zurg came to life and fought two different versions of Buzz in the sequel. This included Zurg fighting Utility Belt Buzz and the revelation that Zurg is Buzz Lightyear’s father, but now Lightyear makes this exchange a lot weirder thanks to its major Zurg twist.


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Zurg is very much the villain of Lightyear, but it is not until the third act of the movie that it is revealed that Zurg is actually an alternate version of Buzz Lightyear who is much older and took an evil turn. As effective of a twist as this is for the movie, it does not line up with Toy Story 2’s Buzz and Zurg storylines. Toys in the Toy Story franchise are at least somewhat aware of their programming and pasts. The Buzz Lightyear toys have similar mannerisms and catchphrases to the one in Lightyear that they are based on. This should mean that Buzz Lightyear toys know Zurg’s real identity and that the Zurg toy should know it is really an older Buzz Lightyear who traveled back in time.

Even though Toy Story 2 gave Utility Belt Buzz and Zurg these storylines more than two decades before Lightyear was made in real life, the latter is supposed to take place in the same universe. Pixar disregarded this notion when it came to making sense of the Buzz and Zurg connection in favor of crafting a new story, but that is exactly what created this problem. Not only did Zurg claim to be Buzz’s father in Toy Story 2, but the space ranger previously thought that Zurg killed his father.

Based on everything Lightyear reveals about Zurg and Buzz’s connection, there is no way to make the Toy Story 2 scene really work. Zurg is left alive as teased in Lightyear’s post-credits scene, but he would need to travel back in time to kill his own father at this point. Even if that happened, why Buzz would believe that Zurg is his father after already battling his future self is inexplicable. They do have a deep-rooted shared past in either instance, but Lightyear really changes Buzz and Zurg’s storyline in the process. It ultimately means that Toy Story 2’s ending now sees Utility Belt Buzz view a version of himself as his father, while Zurg views a younger version of him as his son – which is extremely weird now.

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