Old video of Japan’s incredible metro system is going viral again

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An old video of Japan’s incredible metro system is doing rounds on social media, and netizens are left spellbound after watching it.

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Bengaluru, First Published Jun 22, 2022, 7:23 PM IST

Technologies always make humans work easier, smarter and hassle-free. There are tons of fantastic technology videos that leave us spellbound. And when it’s about technology, once can’t help but think of Japan, a country that is said to be living in the future.

From cool robots to amazing bullet trains and incredible metro systems, they are far more advanced than any other country in the world. One such fantastic video of Japan’s astonishing metro system is doing rounds on social media, which has become an instant hit with the social media users.

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The old video of the Osaka Metro system of Japan has resurfaced on the internet, and netizens are admitting the country is way ahead of the rest of the world. In the video, a few Japanese trains can be seen functioning and making the daily commute in an incredible and efficient way. The trains are moving on tracks, and the tracks also shift accordingly. The smooth flow movement is so enjoyable that it makes us want to watch the video on loop. Take a look:

The eye-popping video was shared by a Twitter user named Figen and captioned the video as Osaka, Japan. The mind-blowing one-minute-long clip has gathered more than 12 million views, 358.4K likes and 63.8K retweets. Japanese trains and the Metro system are considered to be one of the most efficient ways to travel around the cities in the country. Among all, the Osaka Metro system is known to be the finest.

Netizens were shocked to see the advancement and loaded the comments section with praises. A user said Japan is the best place for train obsessives, while another said such technology should be made in his country as well. A third user praised Japan by saying the video is perfect proof of their remarkable efficiency and engineering.


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