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One Piece Chapter 1054 theory explains how Wano arc actually ends and Oda’s masterstroke

One Piece Chapter 1054 theory explains how Wano arc actually ends and Oda’s masterstroke #Piece #Chapter #theory #explains #Wano #arc #ends #Odas #masterstroke Welcome to Lopoid

With One Piece Chapter 1054 a month away and reportedly marking the beginning of the series’ final saga, fans are clamoring for any information available on the issue.

While no official or leaked information has been released regarding story developments, fans have already begun speculating what One Piece Chapter 1054 may have in store for them.

One Reddit user has crafted their own theory for One Piece Chapter 1054 based on several inversions from earlier in the story. They seem to claim that fans will see Oda build something “much bigger than Marineford” in the chapter and beyond.

One Piece Chapter 1054 theory analyzes Sabaody Archipelago inversions and repetitions to formulate what the final saga may look like

One Piece Chapter 1054: Repetitions and Inversion

“As I’m sure you all know, Oda uses symbolism, pattern repetition, and inversion as part of storytelling and worldbuilding. Over the years, the community has discovered many of these things, yet there are still many details that are overlooked.” -u/ZagrashUchiha

As mentioned above, Reddit user u/ZagrashUchiha recently posted their theory for One Piece Chapter 1054 and beyond to the One Piece subreddit. Readers can check out u/ZagrashUchiha’s original post by clicking here.

The user claims that they’ve found the answer to exactly what the series’ final saga may hold in store for fans. They began their argument by pointing out repetitions and inversions to Sabaody Archipelago.

The first inversion comes with the introduction and reintroduction of the Worst Generation in Sabaody and Wano, respectively. Both symbolize the start of a new era. Sabaody represents the end of Roger’s era and the start of a new era, while Wano marks the beginning of the series’ final era or final saga.

“In Wano, we learned about Roger’s past again. The worst generation meets again and ends the old era. A new era begins soon after the break in the manga, as announced by Oda. Endgame!” -u/ZagrashUchiha

Wano also sees the start of a new era in the series, with Roger’s formally ending with the dethroning of Big Mom and Kaido from the Yonko. Luffy and Buggy becoming the new Yonko, conversely, symbolizes the start of a new era in the series’ world and the simultaneous final period of the story itself.

We also learn about Roger’s past in both areas, through Rayleigh in Sabaody and Oden’s flashback in Wano. Both feature information on his journey to Laugh Tale, what he learned of the Void Century and how he learned it.

The new era has essentially phased out those who tried to be Joy Boy but couldn’t and is now seeing the rise of the true Joy Boy and those around him.

Geographically, Sabaody and Wano are inverted. The two are on opposite sides of the world, being equidistant from their closest respective areas of the Red Line.

Sabaody marks the near-middle of the Straw Hats’ journey, whereas Wano is geographically the signal of the beginning of their journey’s end. The two also have geographical features inverted, with Sabaody being formed by volcanic activity and Wano having a volcano.

There are also inversions between those who help the Straw Hats in each area, beginning with Rayleigh in Sabaody and Hyogoro in Wano.

Rayleigh is imprisoned, waits until the right time to break out and uses an advanced form of Haki to remove his and Caimie’s collars. He eventually teaches Luffy the same Haki, just in a less advanced form.

Wano sees Luffy meet Hyogoro in prison. The two have the same collars attached to their necks and are forced to fight prison guards.

Hyogoro teaches Luffy the same Haki Rayleigh he once used. The student masters it and uses it to rip their collars off. A Fish-Man is also saved here, thanks to Kawamatsu the Kappa, fully mirroring the events at Sabaody.

“In Udon, the old man is Hyogoro instead of Rayleigh. He teaches Luffy the same haki, which he then uses to break the collar, as Rayleigh did in Sabaody. This time they free Kawamatsu (Fish-man). Both Camie and Kawamatsu are outcasts in their respective arc because of their race.” -u/ZagrashUchiha

The inversions and repetitions continue further, with both Camie and Kawamatsu being outcasts in their respective arcs due to their race. Furthermore, both the auction house and Udon prison are part of the underworld organization, which Doffy and Kaido are a part of.

Luffy also enters both islands filled with joy. At Sabaody, he enjoys spending time with his crewmates at the amusement park, whereas Wano sees him excited to explore and learn about the country with Otama at his side. Both arcs see the Straw Hat crew keeping a low profile and being somewhat separated from one another.

Both cases also see Luffy not maintaining a low profile, destroying the “illusionary hierarchy” Kaido has established in Wano and punching a Celestial Dragon in Sabaody. Both arcs eventually also see Admirals arrive, with inversions there as well.

Kizaru accepts the order to go to Sabaody, whereas Ryokugyu seems to be going to Wano out of self-interest. Going back to the geographical inversions, maps of both areas also appear similar, with Sabaody made up of groves and Wano made up of regions.

When Kizaru enters Sabaody, he destroys an entire grove for no reason, whereas Ryokugyu is seen bringing life to the desolate lands of Wano as he traverses them.

Kizaru is late, lazy and confused upon arriving in Sabaody, with companion Sentomaru being annoyed.

Ryokugyu, however, arrives at Wano with purpose, on time and seemingly having a plan based on him giving the Navy orders. He also seems to be talking over a Transponder Snail with someone who seems annoyed at him, making for yet another Admiral inversion in the series.

One Piece Chapter 1054: The series’ next big setup

Like the buildup to Sabaody and the Marineford arc, many hints have been dropped about the status of the world during Wano’s events. The Gorosei, Marines and even Garp himself have been seen discussing the state of the outside world and how recent events have impacted it.

The situation in Wano is the same now as of One Piece Chapter 1054. We know that a brother of Luffy’s is involved in an event that is allegedly world-changing, with Blackbeard once again on the move.

After Marineford, the previously mentioned new era had officially begun, with the death of Whitebeard and Blackbeard and Buggy’s promotions to Yonko and Shichibukai, respectively.

“We are currently in the same situation. Many things have happened at the Reverie, but we don’t know anything. Once again a ‘brother’ of Luffy seems to be involved. Blackbeard is on the move. The Revolutionary Army is involved. Im and ‘the great cleansing’.” -u/ZagrashUchiha

One inversion that cannot exist, however, is the Shcihibukai once again being called to fight due to their disbandment earlier on in the Wano arc. Regardless, the inversions and repetitions here are clearly setting up something major for One Piece Chapter 1054 and beyond.

To understand what’s next, one must remember what a weekly reader’s perspective was like during Sabaody.

The entire arc saw a buildup of Fish-Man Island, with the Straw Hats making it very obvious to readers that they’d be arriving there shortly. However, things quickly went awry, resulting in the crew promising to scatter and meet in three days’ time.

Things quickly went from bad to worse, resulting in the abrupt, unexpected and unforeseen (by the reader) separation of the Straw Hats. This began the two-year time-skip and Luffy’s odyssey, resulting in a complete and utter destruction of the expectations Oda had set readers up for.

Something similar will most likely happen in One Piece Chapter 1054 and beyond, with some series of events changing the fate of the Straw Hats greatly. However, they will likely not lose a fight this time, and a long time-skip is likely out of the question.

But what exactly will happen in the coming chapters? A color-coded character inversion from Sabaody to Wano may help the discovery of events for One Piece Chapter 1054 and beyond.

In Sabaody, Admiral Kizaru, a Light Human, was stopped by the swordsman Silvers Rayleigh, the Dark King. In other words, when a violent, powerful light threatened the safety of the Straw Hats, the darkness appeared and saved them.

In this case, a swordsman represented the antithesis of an Admiral’s power and associated titles or epithets. In Wano, we have an Admiral associated with the color green, which is a complementary color to red. In other words, green and red are opposing colors to one another when looked at on a color wheel.

In Sabaody, an Admiral with Devil Fruit powers associated with themes of light was stopped by a swordsman without Devil Fruit powers who was associated with themes of darkness.

Therefore, in Wano, one would expect a swordsman, without Devil Fruit powers and associated with the color red, to appear and save the crew.

One Piece Chapter 1054: The last era begins

This perfectly matches the description of Red-Haired Shanks, who has even recently said that he wants to see Luffy. One Piece Chapter 1054 could make the perfect occasion for that, allowing the two to reunite. This would also see the Straw Hats be saved from Ryokugyu and escape Wano.

Assuming this ends up panning out in One Piece Chapter 1054 and beyond, it would mean that one of Roger’s crew helped the Straw Hats at each major waypoint of their journey.

Crocus served as the lighthouse keeper at Reverse Mountain, where the Straw Hats began their journey. He acted as the guiding light for the upcoming generation, showing them their way.

“Shanks promised Luffy to meet again as soon as he becomes a great pirate. This is the END OF THE JOURNEY. The final saga begins and Shanks will show the now strong generation the way to the Dawn.” -u/ZagrashUchiha

The Dark King Rayleigh appeared during the crew’s darkest times thus far, acting as a shield by guiding them to their destiny and helping them grow at the midpoint.

Shanks, having promised to meet Luffy again once he became a great pirate, will now appear at the end of their journey. He will both be protecting the next generation and also guiding them to the final steps of their journey.

One Piece Chapter 1054: What happens next?

Exactly what happens after this point is uncertain. While the events of One Piece Chapter 1054 and the immediate aftermath are clear from ZagrashUchiha’s theory, nothing beyond this point is certain. Perhaps the group will head to Elbaf and become separated in the land’s nine realms, mirroring their situation during the time-skip.

A Kaido inversion is also possible, with his introduction showing him jumping off a sky island into the earth to try and kill himself unsuccessfully. He had also boiled Oden long before this, adding a layer to the post-Wano inversion.

This inversion may see him, currently being boiled in Wano’s volcano, launched from the earth up to a Sky Island, where he can finally die in peace. Both his introduction and defeat would also see him fight the Worst Generation, adding yet another layer to this potential inversion.

One Piece Chapter 1054: In summation

No one knows what will happen in the distant future of the series.

ZagrashUchiha has indeed done fantastic work analyzing the Sabaody and Wano inversions and repetitions, making a strong argument for what One Piece Chapter 1054 might contain.

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What’s clear is that author Eiichiro Oda loves to tell his story in a poetic, repeating and inverting way, which should be evident in One Piece Chapter 1054. Many different aspects and arcs of the series beyond what’s discussed here also have inversions, further supporting ZagrashUchiha’s theory for the events of the chapter.

However, as of this writing, only Oda himself knows what fans can expect in One Piece Chapter 1054 and beyond.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece chapter 1054 news, as well as general anime, manga, film, and live-action news, as 2022 progresses.

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