Pete And Bas Were Arrested For Disorderly Conduct

Pete And Bas Were Arrested For Disorderly Conduct #Pete #Bas #Arrested #Disorderly #Conduct Welcome to Lopoid

Pete and Bas are the famous UK-based musical duo whose recent arrest has been utterly shocking for their followers. 

A British hip-hop duo, Pete and Bas is mainly known for their songs, “Shut Ya Mouth,” “The Old Estate,” and more that went hit over the market. Despite their age, the artists are known for being quite energetic. 

The group, formed in 2017, has released several albums and singles, gaining thousands of followers. Their unique way of music soon gained the public’s attention, with the duo getting viral on social media. 

They have been in the musical world for around five years, and within these times, they have managed to win the people’s hearts. 

Nevertheless, they have become the talking point after their post hit the internet, with many wondering about their arrest. 

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Pete And Bas Were Arrested For Disorderly Conduct

Pete and Bas released a video on their social media account. Pete’s friends welcomed him back after getting arrested. 

The duo has recently been trending on social media after sharing the video. Furthermore, he reportedly faced charges of disorderly conduct.  

Their followers are shocked at the moment by the arrest news, as the artists have yet to open up the story behind it. Moreover, people have been confused at the moment; about the whole video thing getting viral. 

Hopefully, there will be more explanations about them in the future. But, for now, they seem to be celebrating their moment, and their admirers appear to be welcoming them back.

Until then, the story behind the arrest remains vague at this moment. 

Are UK Musical Duo Pete And Bas Still In Prison?

Only Pete was in prison, while his friend Bas appeared to be celebrating his comeback. The hip-hop duo has been inactive on Instagram for months. 

Their last post was in December 2021, and until recently, they posted welcoming Pete back. Since then, the followers became concerned about the duo that suddenly became passive on social media. 

They have collaborated with many remarkable artists after founding their group in 2017.

To date, there has been no prior record of the hip-hop pair being in prison until the recent day.

Pete and Bas ready for a mixtapePete and Bas ready for a mixtape
(source : Instagram)

What Are Pete And Bas Ages?

Pete and Bas are in their 70s, rocking their song in public. They started their musical journey not long ago when they might be in their late 60s. 

They often get called by their nickname “the grandfather of the UK.” Although starting their music late, they have quickly gained popularity through their viral songs. 

Pete And Bas Aka Peter Bowditch & Basil Bellgrave- Biography On The Artists

Pete and Bas is the stage name for the artist Peter Bowditch and Basil Bellgrave. 

Their duo formed with Pete’s love for music in the hip-hop genre. However, it wouldn’t have been the iconic group if Bas didn’t agree to it.  

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