Shocking MCU Theory Reveals Asgard Survived A Celestial Emergence

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Could the MCU’s Asgard have survived a Celestial emergence centuries ago, thus giving it its peculiar flat shape? A theory suggests so.

Eternals expanded a bit more on the origins and story of the Celestials and explained how these powerful cosmic beings are born, which led to a theory that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Asgard survived the emergence of a Celestial. The MCU’s Phase 4 continues expanding the stories of already established characters while also introducing new ones and exploring new events and concepts, and with the Avengers now over, this new phase has already introduced a new superhero team in Chloé Zhao’s Eternals.

Eternals introduced the title team, a group of synthetic beings created by the Celestial Arishem the Judge and sent to Earth to protect it from the Deviants, the Eternals’ evil counterparts. Once the Deviants were defeated, the Eternals stayed on Earth to help humanity evolve, but they weren’t allowed to interfere in their conflicts. The Eternals ended up parting ways due to their different views on humanity and other factors, and reunited many, many years later after the death of their leader, Ajak (Salma Hayek), the return of the Deviants, and the fast approach of an apocalyptic event called “The Emergence”. Through their new leader, Sersi (Gemma Chan), the Eternals learned the truth about their origin and mission on Earth, which led to most of the team rebelling against their creator.


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The Celestials had already been mentioned in the MCU, although briefly, and Eternals tried to explain a bit more about their origin and story. While Eternals did reveal more about these powerful beings, it also left a bunch of questions about the Celestials and their role in the MCU, and it also made way for different theories that try to explain more about the Celestials and even connect them to the rest of the MCU. One of those theories suggests that Asgard survived the emergence of a Celestial many, many years ago, and there are a couple of things that can support this idea.

The MCU’s Celestials Explained

The Celestials are the oldest race in the universe, and they are entities with vast matter and energy manipulation abilities. The Celestials were present long before the dawn of creation and were responsible for the Big Bang, bringing light into the universe, and the creation of planets, stars, and lifeforms, as well as for the Six Singularities. The Celestials can also create more of their kind, but for that, they push the boundaries of life in the universe by seeding planets with nascent Celestials. The birth of a new Celestial is called “The Emergence”, and in order for the Celestial to emerge, it requires a vast amount of energy from sentient lifeforms. This is the reason why Arishem sent the Eternals to Earth to get rid of the Deviants and allowed them to help humanity evolve, as the more they did, the quicker the Celestial Tiamut would get the energy it needed to emerge from Earth. Of course, the emergence of a Celestial meant the complete destruction of the planet it was seeded in, though some believe that not all planets used for the birth of a Celestial were lost.

MCU Theory: Asgard Survived A Celestial Emergence

Asgard as seen in the MCU

The way Celestials are born and the peculiar shape of Asgard have led to theories about Thor’s homeworld surviving a Celestial emergence centuries ago. Asgard as seen in the MCU doesn’t have the shape of a planet and is instead a flat, asteroid-like mass, and this peculiar shape could be the result of the emergence of a Celestial. A theory, posted on Reddit, suggests that Asgard had the seed of a Celestial, and when it was time for its birth, Bor (Odin’s father) shielded the city of Asgard and its surrounding area from its destruction, hence why Asgard isn’t a complete planet. This same theory suggests that the Celestial that emerged from Asgard was Knowhere, thus giving an answer to one of the biggest mysteries of the MCU’s Celestials.

Another theory (also on Reddit) explains that Odin, at some point, had the Space Stone, and so either he or one of his ancestors used the Stone to prevent their planet’s total destruction when the Emergence finally happened. Some users have pointed out that the idea of Asgard being created as the result of an incident is reminiscent of the Norse myth of Ymir, as Odin and his brothers Vili and Vé fashioned the Earth from Ymir’s flesh, the ocean from his blood, the mountains from his bones, the trees from his hair, the clouds from his brains, the heavens from his skull, and Midgard from his eyebrows. While this theory does have some loose similarities to the myth of Ymir, that’s obviously no confirmation of the MCU’s Asgard really being the result of a Celestial emergence, but it does further connect Thor’s homeworld to its Norse mythology roots.

While Asgard in the MCU does have a peculiar shape, this could be justified by seeing Asgard as a realm rather than a planet, meaning that it doesn’t have to have a spheric shape. However, the theory isn’t completely impossible, and it could solve the mystery of Knowhere’s origin, but it would also add another layer of tragedy to the history of Asgard, as it would have survived the emergence of a Celestial only to be destroyed centuries later when Thor released Surtur in order to defeat his sister, Hela, and save the Asgardians even if that meant the destruction of their homeworld.

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