The MCU Just Dropped A Huge Captain Marvel 2 Hint

The MCU Just Dropped A Huge Captain Marvel 2 Hint #MCU #Dropped #Huge #Captain #Marvel #Hint Welcome to Lopoid

The MCU just dropped its first major Captain Marvel 2 hint through Ms. Marvel episode 3, a hint that ties to another Phase 4 MCU project in a big way.

Warning! This post contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel.

The MCU, through Ms. Marvel episode 3, just dropped the first major hint for The Marvels by tying to another Phase 4 property. Since the announcement of Ms. Marvel, it was confirmed that the titular character would have a huge role in 2023’s The Marvels. However, given the show’s self-contained story, it was hard to piece together how the show would lead to Marvel Studios’ 2023 tentpole film.

Captain Marvel has had a major impact on Ms. Marvel so far, with Kamala Khan having an intense love of Carol Danvers’ superhero. In episode 1, for instance, Kamala came to the first AvengerCon dressed as the iconic hero, while her room is bedecked in Carol Danvers memorabilia. However, it wasn’t until Ms. Marvel episode 3 that the show gave audiences the first hints at how it will tie into The Marvels. How Marvel did this was why providing a subtle link to another Phase 4 property.


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The film in question is none other than Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. At the beginning of Ms. Marvel episode 3, it is shown how Kamala’s great-grandmother came into contact with Kamala’s bangle that unlocked her superhuman abilities. The bangle was found in a temple by the Clandestines and Kamala’s ancestor. One shot, however, reveals the Shang-Chi link and Captain Marvel 2 hint. In a birds-eye view of the temple, the logo of the Ten Rings criminal organization is visibly carved into the floor of the room. This provides a link between Ms. Marvel’s bracelet and Shang-Chi’s Ten Rings. The last time Captain Marvel was seen in the MCU, she was shown to be investigating the Ten Rings alongside Bruce Banner and Wong. With the Rings apparently being tied to Kamala’s origin, the way in which Ms. Marvel and her namesake come together now becomes clearer.

Tony Leung as Wenwu Mandarin in Shang Chi and Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan in Ms Marvel

As the Clandestines introduced in Ms. Marvel episode 3 are from another dimension, not unlike Ta-Lo from Shang-Chi, Captain Marvel investigating one side of the link and Ms. Marvel investigating the other could cause them to cross paths, leading into The Marvels. Also, another link could come through the Rings themselves as opposed to Ta-Lo. It was revealed in Shang-Chi’s post-credits scene that the Ten Rings are acting as a beacon to an unknown entity. If this beacon turns out to be a threat to the MCU through another dimension, the bangle’s link to the Ten Rings could allow Kamala to team up with Carol to stop the threat given the connection between the two.

Ms. Marvel episode 3 provides a lot more information about Kamala’s origin. With the ending of the episode teasing Kamala journeying to Karachi to meet her grandmother, who is somehow linked to the bangle, it appears the show’s last three episodes will explore the bangle on an even deeper level. With the link to the Ten Rings that Ms. Marvel episode 3 provided, it is safe to assume that this link will also be explored further, tying the latest Disney+ show closer to The Marvels, and Ms. Marvel herself to Captain Marvel.

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New episodes of Ms. Marvel release every Wednesday on Disney+.

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