These TikToks On How Southern Moms Act On Facebook Are Going Viral For Being Eerily Accurate

These TikToks On How Southern Moms Act On Facebook Are Going Viral For Being Eerily Accurate #TikToks #Southern #Moms #Act #Facebook #Viral #Eerily #Accurate Welcome to Lopoid

These TikToks about how Southern moms act on Facebook are going viral for being eerily accurate.

The videos created by a 21-year-old influencer feature her blinking slowly into the camera with a glazed-over look and speaking cliches in a high-pitched Southern drawl.

Behind the comedic series is Lauren Cantrell, a part-time photo and video model that lives in Nashville, TN.

She told Narcity that inspiration for the content is drawn from her hometown in “the middle of nowhere in Alabama where most Facebook moms are located,” as well as her own family.

“Facebook moms are something my older brother and I have been laughing about and mocking for years, especially since my mom most definitely was a Facebook mom back in the day haha. Not only was my mom the main source of inspiration for these posts, but generally every mom in the South has probably posted something similar on their profiles,” she wrote.

In a clip with nearly 10 million views captioned “Change in latitude change in attitude 🏖🐚🤗”, she mimics posts made by Facebook moms at the beach, saying with a wink, “as long as Mama has her ‘special juice’ and her toes in the sand, everyone is happy.”


“Change in latitude change in attitude 🏖🐚🤗”

Another video provides an update on the family dog named “Saydeigh girl,” revealing her Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

She goes on to explain the nuances of their family dynamic saying “while her and my husband didn’t get along at first, he’d never tell you but they are the fastest of friends.


Reply to @spurrier.rebecca ❤️💛❤️ saydeigh❤️💛❤️

Though the dialogue may seem niche, the comments in her videos are flooded with fans relating to the impressions and requesting scenarios.

“I didn’t realize so many people would relate to something I thought was so niche to my upbringing, but I was very very wrong about that!” Cantrell concluded.

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