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Twitter Has a Beef With Gefilte Dogs

Twitter Has a Beef With Gefilte Dogs #Twitter #Beef #Gefilte #Dogs Welcome to Lopoid

Some agita followed a tweet by Manischewitz about its gefilte dogs.



“Haven’t the Jewish people suffered enough?”

The official Twitter account of the State of Israel wasn’t responding to a terrorist attack or an outburst of anti-Semitism. It was responding to an announcement from Manischewitz, the 134-year-old kosher-food company, that, just in time for the Fourth of July, it was coming out with gefilte dogs.

“You asked, we listened. The R&D team hasn’t slept all week and now the factory will be cranking out these babies 24/6…An American tradition your Bubbie will love.”

Others on Twitter were quick to channel their inner Shecky Greene.

“The only acceptable way to cook this is with our space lasers,” wrote one.

“If He had provided us with ball-shaped poached fish, and not made for us hot dog shaped extrusions, it would have been enough,” quipped another, paraphrasing a prayer from Passover, when the gelatinous preserved fish is traditionally served.

Manischewitz was joking, though. Right?

“We don’t joke about food,” replied the company’s account.

But they do. Consider a tweet from the company on April 20—this year both Passover and a holiday celebrating marijuana—with an image of hash brownie macaroons: “We love it when holidays collide,” it read, showing the product bearing the tag “the highlight of Passover.”

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