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U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland Visits Ukraine to Discuss Investigating War Crimes

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland Visits Ukraine to Discuss Investigating War Crimes #Attorney #General #Merrick #Garland #Visits #Ukraine #Discuss #Investigating #War #Crimes Welcome to Lopoid

WASHINGTON—U.S. Attorney General

Merrick Garland

is visiting Ukraine to discuss efforts to investigate war crimes with Ukraine’s top prosecutor, a Justice Department official said.

Mr. Garland made the unannounced visit to meet with Prosecutor General

Iryna Venediktova

and discuss U.S. and international efforts to help Ukraine “identify, apprehend, and prosecute those individuals involved in war crimes and other atrocities in Ukraine,” the official said.

In a brief video of their meeting posted on Twitter by Justice Department spokesman Anthony Coley, Ms. Venediktova said, “It was very important to be together, and we all understand that we have a huge enemy.”

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Mr. Garland added that the U.S. and its partners “will pursue every avenue available to ensure that those who are responsible for these atrocities are held accountable.”

Ukrainian prosecutors have said they are investigating more than 10,700 potential war crimes involving more than 600 suspects. In a May interview, Ms. Venediktova said about 40 Russian soldiers suspected of war crimes had been identified, but only a few of them were in custody.

A 21-year-old Russian tank-unit officer pleaded guilty in May to shooting an unarmed civilian in Ukraine’s first war-crimes trial since Russia’s invasion of the country. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Prosecutors have been racing to collect evidence from areas where Russian troops have withdrawn, including the Kyiv suburb of Bucha, where hundreds of bodies have been found.  

In April, Mr. Garland said the Justice Department was helping foreign prosecutors gather evidence of possible war crimes in Ukraine.

Moscow has denied committing war crimes or targeting civilians.

The meeting comes as Mr. Garland is traveling to Paris for sessions with European law enforcement officials, including discussions on combating terrorism and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Justice Department said.

In occupied regions of Ukraine, Russia is handing out passports, teaching its version of history, and sending trucks blasting the Kremlin’s propaganda. But convincing people to support the invader can be complicated. WSJ’s Thomas Grove reports. Photo: Sergei Ilnitsky/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

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Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

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