Video shows terrifying moments when passengers frantically fled plane on fire

Video shows terrifying moments when passengers frantically fled plane on fire #Video #shows #terrifying #moments #passengers #frantically #fled #plane #fire Welcome to Lopoid

A Red Air flight carrying 126 passengers caught fire after it crash-landed on the runway at the Miami International Airport Tuesday. Three people suffered minor injuries and were hospitalised, the Independent reported.

One of the passengers managed to capture the harrowing experience of fleeing the aircraft. The clip showed the chaotic moments as passengers hurriedly moved out of the aircraft. The passenger who recorded the clip seems to be holding a water bottle and pushing a bag as other people are heard yelling.

Flight attendants were seen directing passengers to move out of the plane. The passengers can be seen moving down an inflatable slide joining others. As they frantically flee the aircraft, smoke can be seen spewing from the plane.

Watch the video here:

Video shows frantic moments passengers make their way out of RedAir flight 203 after landing gear collapse & fire at MIA…some use emergency chute ⁦@WPLGLocal10pic.twitter.com/LJKJtzLqnh

— Janine Stanwood (@JanineStanwood) June 22, 2022

My hat’s off to the crew of the red air flight. It looks like they kept their cool and stayed professional. Now if only the passengers were smarter and left their carry-on bags behind so that they could evacuate the plane as quickly as possible!

— John Herbst (@JohnHerbstFtL) June 22, 2022

Well done to the crew. Training paid off. Passengers off with only minor injuries. Pilots did a good job too.

— tony n. (@drivingcars) June 22, 2022

Why don’t people understand *leave the luggage*?

— Abdoulaye (@Chief_primebeef) June 22, 2022


— enzo goldfinger (@enzo_goldfinger) June 22, 2022

The flight had arrived from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. “I thought I was going to die, actually,” Paola Garcia, a passenger, told CBS Miami. “There was an old man next to me and I was hugging him. It was horrible,” added Garcia.

Scott Harrington, an aviation expert, was quoted as saying by CBS Miami that it was a miracle more people weren’t hurt in the plane crash. “Absolutely, it seemed like, again I’m not exactly sure of the specifics of this flight, but it seemed like the pilots did a good job to keep it all in one piece. To get it stopped so the plane could be stopped in a position so rescue equipment can access the airplane,” Harrington told CBS Miami.

The airport said in a tweet that the collapse of landing gear seems to have caused the fire. Sky News report said that the National Transportation Safety Board has initiated a probe into the incident.

Red Air #203 from Santo Domingo had its landing gear in the nose of the plane collapse, which seems to have caused a fire. @MiamiDadeFire responded & extinguished the fire. Some flights have been delayed as a result. Please follow up with your airline for the latest flight info. pic.twitter.com/06Vs8WuqIB

— Miami Int’l Airport (@iflymia) June 21, 2022

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