What Did Lizzy Do In Spiderhead? Why She’s In The Facility

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Though Spiderhead does disclose Lizzy’s crime, it’s potentially easy to miss or misunderstand – here’s how she ended up in Abnesti’s facility.

Warning: contains SPOILERS for Spiderhead.

Though Lizzy may not appear to be a dangerous criminal in Spiderhead, she did commit a serious crime to land herself in Abnesti’s facility. Joseph Kosinski’s Spiderhead concerns a penitentiary facility run by Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth) where the inmates are subjected to tests involving experimental chemicals. Starring alongside Hemsworth are Miles Teller as Jeff and Jurnee Smollett as Lizzy, two inmates in the facility who find themselves caught in Abnesti’s deadly web of manipulation.

Jeff and Lizzy’s relationship is central to the film’s story, and it’s ultimately their place in the facility that brings them together. However, the mind-bending nature of Spiderhead’s experimental drug trials makes it somewhat difficult to separate the truth from the manipulations of Abnesti and his inmates. Spiderhead’s ending is filled with various twists and revelations, and among them is the truth behind Lizzy’s backstory.


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Lizzy is an affable character who is shown to care deeply for Jeff, and therefore, her place among some of the facility’s hardened criminals seems unlikely. The reveal of the reason Lizzy is imprisoned comes in Spiderhead’s final act: she was responsible for the accidental death of her nine-month-old daughter. Lizzy explains that she left the baby in her car on a hot day for several hours while she was at work. The death of her child eventually led to her imprisonment in Abnesti’s facility.

Cast and Character Guide - Lizzy and Jeff in Spiderhead

This information is revealed as part of a fairly large third-act exposition dump, in which the real nature of Spiderhead’s B-6 OBDX drug also comes to light. The facts of Lizzy’s crime being revealed at such a tense moment in the film alongside the fact that she had also previously lied to Jeff about being imprisoned for robbery make the facts of her backstory seem far more ambiguous than they really are. Spiderhead is actually quite clear on exactly what happened to Lizzy’s daughter, even going as far as to list the specific crimes she was charged with (“one count reckless endangerment, one count manslaughter”).

The confusion over why exactly Lizzy was in the facility perhaps stems from the reveal being unexpected and the crime seeming somewhat uncharacteristic, and also in part from its placement in one of Spiderhead’s most intense scenes. It’s also not something that the original story the film is based on clears up, as Lizzy didn’t even exist in that version, making her one of Spiderhead’s biggest changes to the book. However, the scene in which Lizzy reveals the truth is somewhat explicit in its details: she left her young baby alone in a car on a hot July day for three hours while at work. This offers a definitive answer to exactly why Lizzy found herself in Spiderhead’s facility and additionally, it draws parallels with Jeff’s own story, which also resulted in the death of a loved one in a preventable car-related tragedy.

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