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Who is Santi Millan? Spanish actor reacts to intimate video being leaked

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Spanish star Santi Millan is currently facing public scrutiny due to the leaking of a private video. The content was an intimate clip of him, and there have been speculations about the implications of such a release.

The video, which was made public on Sunday, June 19, has caused quite an uproar as reports suggested that his partner in the clip was not his wife. The clip also went viral on social media in a short period of time.

However, at the time of the publication, it was unclear how the private video was posted on social media.

According to the law, leaking intimate content is a crime and, as such, could land the offender with a three-month to a year-long jail term.

Santi Millan responds to news of the leaked video

Santi Millan has weighed in on the situation and is quite devastated about the development. The star refused to make any comments about the video, but he called out the unscrupulous act of leaking personal information by stating its criminality.

He said:

“I do not intend to make any comment. I do not want to say how things should be approached but the news here is that a crime has been committed.”

In his short address, Santi Millan also said that he had no idea how the law operated and didn’t want to speak any further on the situation.

Santi Milan’s wife, Rosa Olucha, also had some input to make as she took to her Instagram story, where he shared several images. She made it known that her spouse was a victim.

Olucha shared that she was doing well, but her husband’s well-being was the one fans should be worried about. She added that Millan was the one who suffered an attack on his privacy.

Olucha had a similar opinion to her husband’s. She informed fans on her Instagram timeline that Millan’s privacy was violated, which meant the offender had committed a crime.


Everything to know about the entertainer Santi Millan

Santi Millan is known as a public figure in the Spanish movie-making industry. The actor was born in September 1968, and studied at the Colegio del Teatro in Barcelona.

By 1989, Millan was a part of a Spanish theatre company called La Cubana. He was a part of the theatre group for ten years, and in 1999 he bagged a role on La Costa Nostra. In 2002, he played the character Pep in the TV series, Periodistas.

Other credits that Millan has to his name include TV shows like La última noche, Siete Vidas, Una Altra cosa, and Divinos, which was canceled after two episodes. He has ventured onto the big screen and worked in movies like Amor Idiota, De qui si, and Vivancos 3.

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Santi Millan bagged the Got Talent Spanish hosting gig in 2015 and has expertly maintained his role on the show ever since. He continues his acting career in the movie industry from time to time and also holds down his TV role as an anchor.

In 2009, Millan married television producer and actress Rosa Olucha and together, they have two children, Rut and Marc.

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