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The concept of “work and study abroad” sounds quite marvelous, doesn’t it? Given the high tuition rate in recent times, working and studying are almost unavoidable.

This article will offer all the information you need to go about any work and study abroad plan you might have. From finding jobs abroad and menacing the right choices of courses to study, we got that all covered for you.

Why Work and Study Abroad?

Okay, first off. We are going to answer the why. So technically, there are a lot of benefits tied to working and studying abroad, and here’s a list of those:

  1. Get to Travel to a New Country

Having a whole new experience from one’s homestead is something to look forward to at any point.

Working and studying abroad provides you the chance of getting out to a new environment and finding out new things.

Learning new ways of doing things and understanding other people’s cultures will also be a plus to our living, and moreover, it gets to broaden horizons and expand perspectives. So why not?

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  1. Learn New Languages

It is no news that speaking two or more languages is a useful and lucrative skill that is highly sought in the corporate world.

In another light, if you are trying to learn and master a new language, the best shot at it is moving to a place where it is an official language.

This way, it becomes way easier to grasp as it is used in the day-to-day interaction in that environment.

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Working and studying abroad opens doors to this many opportunities as well.


  1. Personal and Professional Development

By staying abroad, one cultivates the ability to work with different individuals, open up their minds to new things, and add credibility to their set of skills. All these skills can add a touch-up to the Curriculum vitae (CV).

Not to mention gaining different working experiences, which is an actual shift from the normal, could further develop a person professionally.

List of Courses to take while Working and Studying Abroad

As it should be, by now you are convinced to work while studying abroad, so here’s a list of courses you can take up.

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  1. Language Courses

Languages are never a wrong choice. Working and studying abroad can facilitate your learning and perfection of a second language.

You can take language courses in English, French, German, Spanish, Portugal, or any native language as it applies to your country of base.

There are institutions abroad that focus on teaching these various languages and strengthening their student’s vocabulary and fluency.



  1. Degree Programs

There is a wide range of degree courses to study while abroad. Whether undergraduate or graduate courses, universities abroad offer courses in each category.

  1. Vocational programs

These programs offer you professional certifications to go into the work sector immediately without having to pass through college first.

These programs are a great option, especially for students who are looking to advance their careers while studying abroad.

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Jobs To Take Up While Working and Studying Abroad

It is important to identify which jobs that are in high demand so as to know the right direction to look to apply.

The following positions are the easiest jobs that an international student can land overseas.

  1. Teaching English

The most spoken language in the world is English Language. This explains why you would have a great shot at this position, especially if you are fluent in English.

You are not always required to have a degree to teach English in some institutions; however, all institutions often ask for TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification to qualify for the teaching job.

To this effect, m there are several TEFL programs with affordable prices, and one can take and complete them prior to the job.

  1. Hospitality and Tourism Sector

Most countries work hand in hand with their hospitality and tourism sectors and give a discount to their employees. International students can apply here and save on the cost of living.

  1. Agricultural Jobs

Agricultural jobs are also in high demand overseas; many farm owners are always in need of extra hands to plant, harvest, or process; therefore, this can also be a choice for international students.

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How To Work and Study Abroad

For the benefit of first-timers, here’s a list of what to get you started to make sure you are ready and prepared.

  • Make a Country Choice

This is done through research, and this is the very first step. Note that researching about your country of choice is important so as to fully understand their ethics, pro, and cons and as well be guided to choosing which suits you best.

  • Make a Study Decision

Be it a professional, degree, or language program, be sure to have what you would like to study abroad and look for institutions that offer them.

  • Acquire a Job

It’s the digital world, and almost everything can get done on the internet. Job search engines that would narrow your searches down to your preferred country could come in so helpful at this stage.

  • Apply for Visa

Most countries require a visa to live, work or study abroad, no matter the duration. It is advisable to start off early in via applications and procedures as this varies per person.

  • Purchase your flight tickets

This is the last step and should be done after your papers are through and your visa is granted. Online sites can so help you to compare prices and book that which is best suited for your budget.

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Countries To Work and Study In
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Spain


Moving to a new country to work and study abroad can be a whole new challenge. We understand this and also recognize the mass under this category, so we have set out to help and make it a lot easier.

We hope you found this read insightful and helpful.




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